Jōdo sect_"Namu Amidabutsu" reborn in Gokurakujōdo

From the end of Heian to the beginning of Kamakura period
「Buddhism declines, the world is disturbed」
The“末法思想(Mappou thought)”was widespread throughout Japan.

法然Honen is
Anyone, even if they aren't priests
Believing in the vow of 阿弥陀仏Amidabuto
After dying by sitting on it,
Born in 浄土Jodo
Can open satori
I explained.

And 法然Honen,
Of the Buddha who was born of Nembutsu
A book that explains that it is the root
選択本願念仏集Sentaku hongan nenbutsu-shū
1198 is the year of the founding.

founder of a sect


At the age of 9 entering the priesthood,
At the age of 13, I went up to 比叡山Hieizan,
I learned Tendai teaching.
I hate the life of a monk who is open to power struggles Go down 比叡山Hieizan,

When I was 43,
Chinese monk
Written by 善導zendō

To find out the truth of Buddhism.

Of the Amida Buddha
In keeping with the name 名号(Myogo)

行住坐臥Gyou jū zaga
Throughout my life,
Regardless of the length of time,
I have to throw it away carefully
It is named to unite the spirit,
stabilize the mind, and enter a clean state without hesitation.
Because of his Buddha's wishes

It was inspired by this passage.

The road to salvation for ordinary people

称名念仏(Shōmyō nenbutsu)

Convinced that
専修念仏(Senjunenbutsu) started missionary activities.

After that,
the monks who questioned
"Worship Nembutsu, Reborn in the Pure Land of Paradise"
Arguing against the other party and winning
From the Buddhist group of Nanto (Nara) and Hieizan,
While fighting a number of persecutions,
It spread its power.

object of adoration

阿弥陀仏Amida Buddha” 




『Amida Sutra』

This is collectively called『浄土三部経(Jōdo three sutras)』

Features of teaching

Being born in jōdo after passing this world (after death).


Open Satori and become a Buddha.
However, in Mahayana Buddhism,
If believers die, they will become one with Buddha

Because it came to be called Buddha to die,
The dead are interpreted as successful


"Jōdo" means a clean country,
A word for calling the real world a dirty land.

Also known as "Buddha country"
It is also a popular name for the land that the Buddha and Bosatsu built.

In Mahayana Buddhism,
Every human being has a property that can be a Buddha
It says that anyone can become a Buddha.

Countless Buddhas have been born so far,
Countless jōdos accordingly
Is believed to be.
十方浄土jōdo in the Ten Direction

極楽浄土(Gokurakujōdo)」 is
"Buddha country" constructed by 阿弥陀仏(Amida Buddha)”
The people who live there are
Because you can enjoy and enjoy only "comfort"
It is called 極楽浄土(Gokurakujōdo)」

選択本願念仏集Sentaku hongan nenbutsu-shū

What is 「選択(Sentaku)」?

What to take and what to throw away
That is,
Throw away bad and unnecessary things,
Good things, necessary things
It is to choose.

In 無量寿経(Muryōjukyō)
阿弥陀如来(Amida Buddha) was originally the king of a country,
Listen to 世自在王仏(World free buddha's) rhetoric, and enter the priesthood,

I named myself 法蔵菩薩(Hōzō bosatsu).

And Hōzō bosatsu wants to make wonderful jōdo
Taking the vow of “Forty-eight original wishes”,
as a result of long and busy training,
The wish was completed,
Hōzō bosatsu became 阿弥陀如来(Amida Buddha),
He created a wonderful jōdo.

From “Forty-eight original wishes” of 阿弥陀如来(Amida Buddha)
In the "eighteenth wish"

Practice to reach enlightenment
Throw it away,
Select only one line of "称号念仏Title_Nenbutsu",
We call it the original wishes of 往生(Ōjō)

Interpreted as.

The basis is
"Nenbutsu" is for learning all the benefits,
it is more than a training to reach other enlightenment.

And "Nenbutsu" can be done easily by anyone
It’s an “Easy move”,
It is also Amida Buddha's original wishes.

If you concentrate on "Nenbutsu"
All the hundreds
Reborn in the jōdo
That is.
I thought..

This idea is
Ignorant people
Poor people,
All are equal
Reborn in the jōdo
It is the true way of Buddhism

聖道門(Shōdōmon) and 浄土門(jōdomon)

Two types of Shaka 's teachings.
「聖道門(Shōdōmon)」 is
Practice by relying on your own abilities,
It’s the one trying to get Satori in this world,
「My power gate」
It is called 「Difficult road」.

on the other hand,
「浄土門(jōdomon )」 is
While a person is in this world,
It’s hindered by various bonds,
Amida Buddha
If you believe in the desire to save everything in life,
Reborn in the Gokurakujōdo
「Other power gate」
It is also called the 「easy way」.

Deeply believe in the vow of ”阿弥陀如来(Amida Buddha).
By saying 南無阿弥陀仏(namu Amidabutsu)」.
Any stupid and sinful person will be saved from all suffering,
I can live a bright and peaceful day,
As it is, it improves to a fine person,
Reborn in the 極楽浄土(Gokurakujōdo)

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