Jōdoshin sect_Not a Shinran monk, not a profane
「南無阿弥陀仏(namu Amidabutsu)」
By chanting
Reborn in the 浄土(jōdo)
he explained
Its name is
the founder of a sect of Jōdo sect

Honen's disciple 親鸞(Shinran) said:
The reason for being reborn in the 浄土(jōdo)
Not "chant"
In place of "believing"
When I truly believed in Amida Buddha,
Already that person is Reborn in the 浄土(jōdo)
I explained.

 founder of a sect


At the age of 9 entering the priesthood,
I studied for 20 years at 比叡山(Hieizan.)

Becoming a disciple of  法然(Honen),
Dedicated to the
" 専修念仏(Senjunenbutsu) Movement"

Honen is
Anyone, even if they aren't priests
Believing in the vow of "Amidabuto",
After dying by sitting on it,
Born in Jodo
Can open satori
I explained.

With Master 法然(Honen)
Receive punishment
Honen is sent to an island in Kochi prefecture.
will be sent to an island in Niigata Prefecture.
(Punishment of exile)

Even if you look like a monk,
The inside is the same as the Ordinary mediocre person who suffers from Desire,

(Begin a lifestyle that is neither a monk nor an Ordinary mediocre person.)

It's a bad thing in Japanese Buddhism
I got my wife.
My wife's name is

who solved the Punishment of exile,
Settled in Ibaraki Prefecture
For over 20 years
Concentrated on missionary work in the Kanto region.

I returned to Kyoto in my later years,
He closed his life at the age of 90.

 object of adoration

阿弥陀仏Amida Buddha

In addition to the statue of Amida Buddha depicted in the main image and the statue,
There is also "名号本尊(myōgōhonzon)"
which is the name of Amida Buddha written in letters.


「Jōdo three sutras」

『阿弥陀経(Amida Sutra)』
Also, it is a scripture written by 親鸞(Shinran).

Especially in Jōdoshin sect,
Attach importance to

Features of teaching

Reborn in the 極楽浄土(Gokurakujōdo)
To truly believe
Enlightenment is opened when you wake up. ”
That's what 浄土真宗(Jōdoshin sect) teaches


It is said to be the basic scripture of Jōdo shin sect.
『無量寿経(Muryōjukyō)』 is
According to Buddha's true teaching,
The purpose of 阿弥陀仏(Amida Buddha) is
living thing as salvation
It is to explain original wishes.

The essence is the name of the Buddha
It is 「南無阿弥陀仏(namuAmidabutsu)」

We head to the Pure Land
The "going" passage,
Become a Buddha in the Pure Land
Returning to the world to save living things
About the course of "return",

These journeys are
“From阿弥陀仏(Amida Buddha)
The power sent to us”

I interpret it as


A collection of Shinran's vocabulary.
After the death of Shinran,
About that teaching among the believers
Because a different interpretation came out,
With Shinran's correct teaching,
Return Shinran's vocabulary as it is Next,
I list up the different opinions,
What criticized this.

The editor is the disciple 唯円(Yuien)

悪人正機(Akunin shouki))

In Chapter 3 of "歎異抄(Tan'nishō)",
"Because good people can be happy,
Bad people can become even more happy. "
It is written.
That is
Ordinary mediocre person with Desire,
Even if you are a guilty villain,
A preacher that it is possible to go to 極楽浄土(Gokurakujōdo).

The wish to help the living thing of “阿弥陀仏(Amida Buddha)” is
Because it tries to make a bad person even Buddha,
Of “他力本願(Tariki hongan)” (relying on the power of others)
The bad guy is Reborn in the 極楽浄土(Gokurakujōdo)

Shinshū (10 denominations and this temple)

Ōtani sect

Jōdoshin sect_Not a Shinran monk, not a profane
754 Tokiwacho, Karasuma-dori Shichijo-agaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto

Honganji sect

Jōdoshin sect_Not a Shinran monk, not a profane
60 Monzencho, Horikawa-dori Hanayacho-sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto

Takada sect

Jōdoshin sect_Not a Shinran monk, not a profane
2819 Isshindencho, Tsu, Mie

Koshou sect

Jōdoshin sect_Not a Shinran monk, not a profane
70, Hanazonocho, Kyoto Shi Shimogyo Ku, Kyoto Fu, 600-8261, Japan

Bukkoji sect

Jōdoshin sect_Not a Shinran monk, not a profane
397 Shinkaicho, Takakura-dori Bukkoji-sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto

Sanmonto sect

Jōdoshin sect_Not a Shinran monk, not a profane
2-3-7 Minori, Fukui, Fukui

Izumoji sect

Jōdoshin sect_Not a Shinran monk, not a profane
2-9 Shimizugashiracho, Echizen, Fukui

Yamamoto sect

Jōdoshin sect_Not a Shinran monk, not a profane
13-43, Yokogoshicho, Sabae Shi, Fukui Ken, 916-0036, Japan

Jiyoushouji Sect


Jōdoshin sect_Not a Shinran monk, not a profane
3-2-38 Hommachi, Sabae, Fukui

Kibe sect

Jōdoshin sect_Not a Shinran monk, not a profane
826 Kibe, Yasu, Shiga

In each case, the main deity of the temple is "阿弥陀仏(Amitabha Buddha)"